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West Michigan Property Management


Here at APM we understand that filing paperwork can be very complicated, and time consuming. With all of our plans we provide several filing services that save our clients time and provide them piece of mind. Our services include:

  1. Tenant Applications

  2. Lease Agreements

  3. Lease Renewal Letters

  4. Emergency Contact Information

  5. Move Out Letters

  6. Move In & Out Checklist

  7. City & Property Inspections

  8. End of Year Tax Documents (i.e. 1099-E)

  9. Lease Addenda


Our Tenancy Services are aimed at choosing quality tenants and our policy ensures low vacancy rates. As property owners and investors ourselves, we understand that your return on investment hinges on tenant satisfaction. Our tenancy services include:

  1. Property Advertising

  2. Move in & out.

  3. Tenant Placement

  4. Tenant guarantee

  5. Rent collection w/fees & deposits

  6. Lease Renewals

  7. Maintenance Request

  8. Tenant Complaints

  9. 24/7 Emergency hotline


Our client services are designed to keep you informed while we manage the day-to-day operations of your investment property.  

Our client services include:

  1. Monthly rent reports

  2. Accounting statements

  3. Utility transfer confirmation

  4. Online Owners' Portal

  5. Simple online payments

  6. End of Year Tax Documents (i.e. 1099-E)


Though, not everyone needs a full-time property manager, many owners choose our lease-only option to take the burden out of the time consuming tasks as a property manager, finding and leasing new tenants. Our lease-only option includes:

  1. Customized leases and addenda

  2. Thorough tenant screening

  3. Tenant move-in

Includes Free Rental & Market Analysis!


Refer and You Shall Receive!

How it works:

  1. Let someone know about us!

  2. Once they sign up for our services you both get $50 off your first/next bill!

  3. The more people you refer the more you save! No limits!

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