Frequently asked Questions


How Much does August PM Cost?

August PM offers three management plans, Essentials, Premium, and Deluxe. Their pricing can be found HERE.

What is a Self-Guided Tour?

We use Rently at August PM. They offer electronic lockboxes and deadbolts which we use to show your property. When a potential tenant signs up for a viewing, they are provided a one-time code good only for one hour during their tour. Afterwards, they are sent a link to apply for the property they viewed. This system leads to more applicants and faster leasing.

How does August PM handle Maintenance Requests?

August Property Management will field all your tenant maintenance calls, 24/7/365. We first walkthrough troubleshooting steps with the tenant to avoid dispatching a vendor. If neccessary, we will dispact the appropriate vednor for the job. We will contact you regarding any maintenance via Owner Portal. If the cost of repairs is more than $300 we will call for permission before moving forward.

How does August PM Lease my Property?

The first thing we do is confirm the property is rent ready. If your property is good to go, then we take advertising photos and list the property with Rently. In turn Rently publishes your property to dozens of popular sites like zillow and trulia and many, many more. Then potential tenants can sign up for a self-guided tour after sending us an ID, a selfy to confirm identity, amd a card on file. Once a potential tenant has viewed the property, they can apply online. If approved we'll ask for a holding deposit, sign a lease online, and move them into the property.