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My favorite part of managing rental properties is sharing what I've learned with others and having that knowledge positively affect their rental investment outcomes. If you have any questions about getting started or increasing your current rental portfolio's cashflow, please schedule a time to chat below: 

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Covid-19: Michigan Eviction Diversion Program

On June 26th, 2020 Governor Whitmer signed Executive Order 2020-134, which extends the eviction moratorium until July 15th and established a State-Wide Eviction Diversion Program. To read the order in length, click here.

So how does the Eviction Diversion Program work?

For landlords and tenants affected by Covid-19, the Governors state-wide program provides a path for rental owners to reclaim missed rent payments and avoids tenant evictions. The program establishes state-wide assistance for Covid-19 housing debt, covering up to 90% of the amount due to the landlord via lump sum payment. We'll go through list of questions about this program below:

Q: When Can I apply for the State-Wide Eviction Diversion Program?

A: Starting July, 16th landlords and tenants may begin applying.

Q: How to Apply?

A: Tenants may apply after receiving a Complaint from the landlord for Eviction for

Nonpayment of Rent and within three days of receiving a Summons.

Q: What are the main State-Wide Eviction Diversion Program's Requirements?


1. Landlords must allow tenants to remain at the property.

2. Tenant late fees must be forgiven.

3. Landlord may only collect 90% of owed payments.

Q: Does Kalamazoo County Have it's Own Eviction Diversion Program?

A: Yes, Kalamazoo County already has in place such a program that is funded by

Local Community Partners.

Q: How to Apply for the Eviction Diversion Program in Kalamazoo, MI?

A: Tenants can start to apply by calling 211 within three days of receiving a summons

and by utilizing the Getting Help in Hard Times packet. The packet includes a form

for the Landlord and a list of materials the tenant will need to bring to their



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