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Brick House


Our Skilled Property Managers and Landlords provide you with a bona fide rent price—for FREE! Our Rental Price Analysis Report evaluates a myriad of local rental market factors, including square footage, room details, area rental rates, market trends, neighborhood variables and local comparable properties. Your FREE report includes:

  • Rent Gauge (25th percentile, Median, 75th Percentile)

  • Average Rent by Bedroom Type

  • Local Rent Trends

Then, we put boots on the ground to inspect your property, where our Trained Personnel note property condition, amenities, and other factors. Afterwards, we put together a plan-of-action to get you the highest rent possible, as soon as possible.

Maintenance Calls

Tenants have 24/7 access to our maintenance team. For emergencies, tenants call our maintenance line and our staff will walk them through our troubleshooting steps before dispatching a vendor. Approximately 30% of maintenance calls are resolved by our troubleshooting process. For less immediate maintenance, tenants submit work orders online, where our team connects them with our vendors. If the proposed work order is necessary, we'll get to work immediately. If it looks like the cost will be $300 or more, we'll confirm with the owner before dispatching a vendor.

Maintenance Team

Maintenance Plan

Maintenance Worker

We charge $18 per unit, per month for our maintenance plan. Believe it or not, we do this to save you money. Here's how: While most property managers throw in a sneaky "maintenance surcharge", usually around 10% of the cost of any maintenance, we have one flat rate that covers this fee and we also include...

  • Free digital re-keying ($153 value, per move-out)

  • Utility Management ($143 annual value)

  • Maintenance Oversight (~$275 annual value)

  • Annual Condition Reports ($99 annual value)


Save up to $454 annually

Renovation Oversight

Each renovation starts with the end goal of increasing your property's return on investment. We start by understanding the scope of renovations you desire. We'll make some initial advisements, then we'll walkthrough the property with a contractor, and they will also provide advice. Once the scope of work and budget is approved, we can take over, providing any updates along the way. This may include changelogs as the work progresses and a video walkthrough if you are out of town or cannot view the finished work in person.

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