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Brick House


Our Skilled Property Managers and Landlords provide you with a bona fide rent price—for FREE! Our Rental Price Analysis Report evaluates a myriad of local rental market factors, including square footage, room details, area rental rates, market trends, neighborhood variables and local comparable properties. Your FREE report includes:

  • Rent Gauge (25th percentile, Median, 75th Percentile)

  • Average Rent by Bedroom Type

  • Local Rent Trends

Then, we put boots on the ground to inspect your property, where our Trained Personnel note property condition, amenities, and other factors. Afterwards, we put together a plan-of-action to get you the highest rent possible, as soon as possible.

Marketing Your Property

Before prospects begin touring your property we market the property on dozens of sites, including those within the Zillow Group.


We create a Waitlist of Tenant Prospects while your property is being made ready to rent, which increases the number of prospects when your property is ready.


When we do sign a new lease or renew a lease for an existing tenant, we will Reorient the Lease so the lease expires during the spring or summer, when rents are higher and tenants are easier to place.


We contact all tenant prospects within 10 minutes 24/7/365.

Zillow Renal Listings

Self-Guided Showings

Prospective Tenants can tour your property when it's convenient for them after they provide August PM with a credit card and verification of ID using our Rently Smart Locks.

Self touring technology increases the number of prospects that view your property and leads to quick leasing and lower vacancy rates. That means more income for you.

You'll also save an average of $153 per unit, per turnover because we can rekey the unit digitally.

Screening Tenants

August PM leverages the industry’s first AI-powered credit scoring model that utilizes machine learning to evaluate your applicants against the benchmark of actual rental performance records. This revolutionary technology determines not only a tenant’s ability to pay rent—but also their willingness to pay. This results in a much stronger prediction of future performance and tenant behavior. This screening more precisely analyzes our applicants using data from a rental history database of over 30M records. This model is continually enhanced, providing you with the best prediction for payment performance with every screen.

Propertyware AI Tenant Screening

Trusted                  Savings

Trusted by over 18,000 management companies.


Reduce bad debt by an average of $31 per unit per year*

*Based on Multifamily results. We have seen savings as high as $59 per unit per year.

Questions? We have answers.

Are self-tours safe?

In a lot of ways self-tours are safer than traditional tours. Our staff no longer meets strangers alone at the property. We obtain a photo ID, a selfie to match the photo ID, and a Credit Card with the same name. The Keyless lock also locks automatically after the tour.

What about Lease Renewals?

Tenants can renew their lease anytime through their tenant portal, but only if they're current on rents. We also send out notifications 90 days from the end of their lease. 

How are Prospects Contacted?

We email and text each prospect instructions to setup their property tour. If they have any questions, prospects can call our 24/7/365 leasing line. After a tour is done, we send the prospect a link to apply for the property.

Can I customize my Lease?

Our team has spent a lot of time and money creating our lease to be as fair and equitable as possible to all parties. That being said, you choose how utilities are split between the tenant and yourself. 








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