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Quarterly Inspections

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Fire Detection System Design

To the right is an air filter that was pulled from a new client's HVAC system after their first month with our service. Unfortunately, this was after a lot of damage had already been done. The lack of airflow broke the main blower system. 

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Q: Why did we begin offering quarterly inspections?

A: We truly wan to save rental homeowners money in the long run.

Q: Why are quarterly inspections not included in my plan?

A: We know the value of regular home inspections. Most property managers simply provide a "curbside analysis" of a property's condition. 

Q: What do I get with a property inspection.

A: First, we replace any old HVAC filters, or low smoke alarm batteries, we check common maintenance items (), and confirm tenant compliance, (no smoking, pet policy, etc.)

Q: How much to you charge to replace filters and batteries?

A: We replace any old HVAC filters with quality, pleated air filters with a life of 3-months or more. There is no charge to the owner for replaced filters or batteries, because our leases stipulate that it is the tenant's responsibility.

Why isn't this included in my management fee?

What does an inspection look like?

One common question we receive is "why isn't this just a part of my monthly management fee?" It's a justified question. Owners should expect their management company to care about the condition of their properties. Here's the secret, though, almost no property management company includes inspections in their plans. Although, some do include drive-by reports that show a curb-side analysis of the property's condition. We didn't want to do this. We wanted to provide more, because we know not everything can be seen from the outside. So we created an add-on inspection plan so that we could afford to take the time and consideration with each property that we know it takes to provide a quality evaluation of each property.

...and all for only $16 additional per month! What a Deal!!!

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